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Equinox Summit Learning 2030

From September 29 – October 3, 2013, WGSI explores education for the 21st century via Equinox Summit: Learning 2030


In June 2011, the inaugural Equinox Summit: Energy 2030 brought together scientists, policy experts, entrepreneurs, and young leaders to help reinvigorate the global energy dialogue. Participants focused on the generation, distribution, and storage of electricity. Read more about their findings in the Equinox Blueprint: Energy 2030.


Working sessions

Three days of intense, in-camera working sessions are at the core of the Equinox Summit. These sessions bring together a quorum of experts, a team of advisors from backgrounds relevant to the Summit topic, a forum of young, future leaders, and embedded journalists. Through their multidisciplinary, multinational, and multigenerational collaboration, participants develop exemplar pathways for accelerating approaches with transformative potential.

Public Programming

Daily plenary sessions and panel debates engage Summit participants and the general public – onsite, online, and via WGSI's public broadcast partner, TVO. All sessions are streamed live and archived for future viewing.



The Equinox Summit concludes with the presentation of the participants' preliminary findings to policymakers, stakeholders, influencers, and media. In the months that follow, the dialogue and insight shared during the Equinox Summit is shaped into a ‘living blueprint’ document. This blueprint offers recommendations for investment and focus, pathways for implementation of the proposed approaches as well as  and for the coordination of national and international scientific efforts to help address the issue in a meaningful way.

Each Equinox Summit also acts as a launch pad for a global impact phase aimed at fostering the recommendations shared in the blueprint. Via a funded impact-phase program, Forum members are encouraged to take the findings back to their regional and national communities to develop positive impact projects and continue collaborations.