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Statistics confirm, every successful student needs a ‘bill of rights’: keynote from Learning 2030

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

WATERLOO, ONTARIO, CANADA – Brandon Busteed, Executive Director of Gallup Education, will deliver the keynote address at the opening ceremony of Equinox Summit: Learning 2030, a global gathering that will bring some of the world’s top headline-makers in education together for the first time under one roof.

On September 29, 2013, Busteed will help summit participants answer a question that world leaders and other decision-makers have yet to ask: "How should children born this year be learning by the time they graduate from high school in 2030?" 

Hitting ‘a moving target’ 17 years in the future

“We’re currently in the midst of a massive upheaval in education. Trying to develop solutions can feel like aiming at a moving target,” says Busteed. “To keep students engaged and teachers empowered we need to stop pointing out problems and, instead, play to our strengths.”

“From his inspirational New Bill of Rights for All Students to his downright practical, on-the-ground education research, Brandon’s experience with education on a global scale will serve as an inspirational springboard for our participants as they head into the intensive working sessions that form the core of the summit,” says Learning 2030 curator, author, and quantum physicist Dr. Michael Brooks.

Learning what stirs your emotions

Busteed’s career spans a wide range of important work in education as an educational entrepreneur, speaker, writer, and university trustee.

At Gallup, his work involves integrating research on assessment, engagement, and wellbeing to improve student success, teacher effectiveness, and educational outcomes.

Busteed’s mission is to create a movement to measure the educational outcomes that matter most; moving from knowledge-mastery to emotional-engagement.

Watch live, in-person, online

The opening ceremony of Equinox Summit: Learning 2030, including Busteed’s keynote address, , will be live-streamed from the Mike Lazaridus Theatre of Ideas at Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics beginning at 14:00 EST on September 29, 2013 at

The recommendations of the summit participants will be presented in the Equinox Communiqué beginning at 14:00 EST on October 3, 2013 at

Reporters who covered the inaugural Equinox Summit, Energy 2030, had the following to say about the format of the Equinox Summit series:

"Adds some new twists to the usual prescriptions"
- NBC News online

"A layered discussion underway"
- The New York Times

"A whopper...a [truly] a unique 'reboot' the global dialogue"
- Nature

"The summit’s effort pairs 'future leaders' with old-school[ers] to imagine a new scenario for 2030"
- Scientific American

About the Inaugural Equinox Summit: Energy 2030

In June of 2011, the first Equinox Summit: Energy 2030 brought visionaries and experts together to create a technological roadmap for a low-carbon, electrified future.
View the presentation of the 2011 Equinox Communiqué at Read their recommendations in the Equinox Summit: Energy 2030 Blueprint at

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