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Our Blueprints support the recommendations made at each Summit by collating relevant research and case studies and by providing a clear roadmap to implementation. We also produce pre-Summit Briefs intended to set the stage for the Summit conversation and Communiqués which are released at each Summit closing to summarize the vision of the contributors.


The Generation SDG Blueprint features:  
  • insights into inclusive community ecosystem mapping and planning
  • partnership strategies to accelerate action on the SDGs
  • accountability practices for partnerships, program and data management
  • innovative financial instruments and programs for funding the SDGs
  • Solutions Spotlights highlighting Canadian and global organizations and initiatives aligned with the SDGs
  • a commitment to establishing and nurturing partnerships on the road to achieving the SDGs in Canada


Le présent Plan directeur est une vision d’une approche communautaire à l’égard des ODD élaborée par un groupe multidisciplinaire d’innovateurs canadiens et présente :      
  • des renseignements sur la cartographie et la planification de l’écosystème communautaire inclusif
  • des stratégies de partenariat pour accélérer les actions concernant les ODD
  • des pratiques de responsabilisation en matière de partenariats et de gestion des programmes et des données
  • des instruments et des programmes financiers novateurs pour le financement des ODD
  • des solutions qui mettent en lumière les organisations et les initiatives canadiennes et mondiales qui s’harmonisent avec les ODD


Other Generation SDG Publications

Generation SDG Communiqué

Generation SDG Brief


The OpenAccess Energy Blueprint features:                      
  • insight into proactive governance, creating a fair marketplace, empowering people, and effective entrepreneurship for energy access; 
  • Solutions Spotlights featuring innovative technologies, business and finance models; 
  • a commitment to establishing and nurturing partnerships on the road to establishing energy access;
  • Plan for Plenty - a feature section on energy access challenges in Canada’s remote Indigenous communities. 

Our partners at Discourse Media have developed a web version of the OpenAccess Energy Blueprint as part of their Power Struggle project. 

Other OpenAccess Energy Publications

OpenAccess Energy Blueprint: Energy access - the Canadian context (infographic spread)
OpenAccess Energy Blueprint: Energy access - the Canadian context (full section)
OpenAccess Energy Communiqué 
Freier Zugang zur Energie Kommuniqué (Deutsche)
Năng lượng để thay đổi thế giới – Sáng kiến Khoa học toàn cầu (tiếng Việt)*
OpenAccess Energy COP22 Brief
OpenAccess Energy Summit Brief


Imagine a world filled with creative, confident, and adaptable young leaders capable of addressing the challenges of a complex and fast-changing society.

To explore this future, WGSI published the Learning 2030 Blueprint - a document that provides clear recommendations on building a learning environment that fosters critical thinking, problem solving, and innovation. It includes:

  • An ‘ecosystem’ point-of-view to approaching learning that integrates students, teachers, and caregivers with their unique local contexts

  • Case studies that showcase innovations in education from a diverse array of individuals and communities with variable access to resources

  • Implementation pathways​

Master of Design Experience Innovation students from the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus developed a digital platform for the Learning 2030 Blueprint at

Other Learning 2030 Publications

Plan Formation 2030 Résumé (Français) 
Learning 2030 Blueprint (Italiano)* 
Learning 2030 Communiqué 


Imagine a world with abundant, clean energy. How different would our human civilization be with fewer energy limitations – less risk of climate change, no peak oil, and more renewable ways to provide power to an exploding global population?

To explore this future, WGSI published the Energy 2030 Blueprint– a roadmap of some of the highest impact energy technologies that could scale over the coming decades, along with detailed implementation strategies that apply the latest scientific and technological thinking. It includes:

  • An energy ‘ecosystem’ point-of-view to approaching possible, lower carbon technologies

  • Potential pathways to help advance research, development and implementation of long-term energy solutions  

  • Technical details that help convey the complexities, challenges and opportunities posed by a few transitional technologies and systems

Other Energy 2030 Publications

Energy 2030 Communiqué

*Independently translated