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What We Do

WGSI catalyzes conversations around complex global problems and develops strategic partnerships to advance ideas, opportunities and strategies for a secure and sustainable future.

To date, WGSI has tackled issues of energy and intellectual energy: developing low carbon solutions for globally sustainable baseload electricity through Energy 2030, evolving secondary education for the 21st century through Learning 2030 and creating pathways for decarbonized energy availability in energy isolated communities through OpenAccess Energy. 


Imagine if we could gaze into the future and see the implications of our present-day decisions. What would we do differently now to help build a better world for the next generation?

This question is the impetus behind WGSI’s summit series, a biennial gathering of experts from around the world aimed at tackling tomorrow’s biggest challenges and seizing opportunity today.

Intense, working sessions are at the core of each summit. These sessions bring together experts and a team of advisors from diverse backgrounds with a group of young, future leaders. Through their multidisciplinary, multinational, and multigenerational collaboration, participants develop exemplar pathways for accelerating approaches with transformative potential.

RECAP OpenAccess Energy
RECAP Learning 2030
RECAP Energy 2030


Plenary sessions and panel discussions bring together summit contributors and the general public – onsite, online, and through public broadcast partner, TVO. All sessions are streamed live and archived in WGSI's video library.

Power Shift Waterloo Region is a communications and events campaign coordinated by WGSI and hosted by an outstanding group of community partners that sparks discussion about the Waterloo Region’s relationship with energy during Earth Week.


Briefs lay out the challenge to be approached at the summit or provide context around the issue for a specific event. At the end of each summit, the contributors present a Communiqué; this provides a vision of the future and establishes key recommendations and areas of focus to make that future a reality. In the months following the summit, this vision is fleshed out into a Blueprint, (our flagship publication) that collates relevant research and case studies, and provides a roadmap to implementation. 


RESOURCE Learning 2030 Blueprint
RESOURCE Plan Formation 2030 Résumé (Français)
RESOURCE Learning 2030 Blueprint (Italiano)*
RESOURCE Energy 2030 Blueprint


RESOURCE OpenAccess Energy Communiqué
RESOURCE Freier Zugang zur Energie Kommuniqué (Deutsche)
RESOURCE Năng lượng để thay đổi thế giới – Sáng kiến Khoa học toàn cầu (tiếng Việt)*
VIDEO Presentation of the OpenAccess Energy Communiqué
RESOURCE Learning 2030 Communiqué 
VIDEO Presentation of the Learning 2030 Communiqué 
RESOURCE Energy 2030 Communiqué
VIDEO Presentation of the Energy 2030 Communiqué


RESOURCE OpenAccess Energy COP22 Brief
RESOURCE OpenAccess Energy Summit Brief

*Independently translated


WGSI generates impact by entering into and facilitating strategic partnerships which result in projects that align with Blueprint recommendations. Strategic partners include the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy, the Canadian Education Association, Collaborative Impact, and TakingITGlobal.